Why I love Greek Life at UD


Chi Omega has given me the amazing opportunity to have over 100 sisters in our own chapter at UD, but all over the country. Chi Omega is my home away from home and my second family. I know I'll always be welcome when I'm with Chi Omega. I have made amazing friends that happen to be my sisters. It is an effortless friendship that I never could have imagined. No matter what is going on, you always can call up a sister and they will be there for you. It is a bond that is life long. I am lucky to be a part of a wonderful group of women.


Being a part of Greek Life at UD, you are able to get involved with a philanthropy. Chi Omega's Philanthropy is Make-A-Wish Foundation. Our largest philanthropic event is Chi Omega Corn Hole. Each year we host the event and all the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish. It is a fun event where everyone on campus can get involved and support the cause. Being in a Sorority is a great way to get involved with the community and give back.

Go Greek!

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