Bacteria infections

Scarlet fever
sebastian arias 12/9/14
Ms.Rose Block#4

Scarlet fever is a bacterial infection disease that affects humans.Scarlet fever is a bacterial illness that develops in some people who have strep throat.It is also called scarlatina which is its original name.


1. A bright red rash that covers the body,red rash looks like a sunburn feels like sandpaper and if you apply pressure to the skin it turns pale,the disease usually consist of a soar throat and a high fever/102 F (38.9 C).

2.Another symptom is red lines that folds skins around the groin,arpmpits,elbows,knees and neck and it is usually a darker red than the surrounding rash.

3.The next symptom is a flushed face and a white ring around the mouth

4.your tongue starts to get red as well as bumpy,and it is often covered with a white coating early in the disease this is what people call strawberry tongue

the other symptoms are peeling skin,chills,sore throat and red sometimes white or yellowish patches ,difficulty eating,enlarged glands in the neck (lymph nodes) that are tender to the touch,nausea or vomiting or massive headaches.


Although a long time ago when just hearing or knowing of the name scarlet fever struck fear into people now there are antibiotics that help treat it so that it doesn't get to serious.

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