Augusto Pinochet
Mikki Long

1) Profile

On November 25, 1915, Augusto Pinochet was born in Valparaíso, Chile. He had a big family and was the oldest of his six siblings. His father was a middle class government worker and his mother stayed at home. As a child, he went to primary and secondary school at the San Rafael Seminary of Valparaíso, the Rafael Ariztía Institute in Quillota, the French Fathers' School of Valparaíso, and then to the Military School in Santiago, which he entered in 1931. Later in his life, he became the dictator of Chile between 1973 and 1990. Durning his Presidency he was also the Commander-in-Chief for the Chilean Army from 1973-1998. During his rule, he was accused of killing 3,200 people, 80,000 were injured, and 30,000 people were tortured by the secret police. He clearly ruled with an iron fist! After 25 years in power, he was put under arrest, but died on December 10, 2006, before he could be tried for alleged human rights violations.

      2) Audio/Visual/Artistic                                Element

This video is about all of the torture that Augusto Pinochet endured on his people for years. It has a real life person who is the tour guide if the house who knows about all of Pinochet's crimes. This video is mainly about a house where people were murdered and tortured when it was ordered by Pinochet. Today, it is a big tourist attraction. This video also depicts the pain and suffering that many people had to go through back when Pinochet was in power. This video definitely proves that he was an awful ruler who tortured people who got in his way.

3) Creative Piece

To Mr. Augusto Pinochet,

You probably don't even know or remember who I am. But let me remind you, I am someone you tortured when you were in power five years ago. You may not get this because you are imprisoned now, but I want to make sure you know how much pain you caused to me, my family, my neighbors, and your people. On the night of February 16, 1993, you sent the secret police to my house to capture me, you beat my wife and two daughters until they were knocked out and senseless. Then they dragged me to your "Death House" on 38 Londres Street. When I entered the house I could hear the painful screams and cries of a man that was before me. He was meeting the fate that I was meeting moments after. Then the screams were hushed. He then was dragged out of the room and thrown down the stairs with his face bruised and dismantled. You questioned me next. The police then continued to drag me up the stairs into an isolated room. They slurred at me and threw me in a chair as you sat on the other side of the table and watched them harass me. You then stared at me with an icy glare. From there the questions poured out. I denied everything you accused me of and then you motioned the person behind me to start beating me. Punches came flying at me and bruises instantly began to appear on my body. After hours of questioning, my voice was broken, I ran out of tears, and I lost all feeling. You drained any and all hope I had left; my hope of survival, compassion, and kindness from you. I didn't get any of that. After another hour of brutal misery, (well I think an hour, my mind is foggy after hour five of beatings) you threw me down the stairs, and then tossed me out on the street like some piece of trash. I woke up in the care of a nice lady nurse in the hospital. She was out walking to work the next morning and she saw me, lying there near death. Now, five years later you are in jail, and I am glad. Now that you are caught you cannot hurt anymore innocent people. People you have murdered can now rest in peace knowing you are imprisoned. You deserve everything that happens to you, including all of the blows that you have given to the thousands of people you tortured, including me. I wrote this letter to you because on that night I knew that I had won. You knew that as well. I refused to give in to all of the torture you gave me trying to make me confess to things I did not commit. I do not want to talk about revenge because I already had mine. Look who is behind the bars and look who is outside looking in on you. That is all of the revenge I need. Enjoy your new life, because I am now enjoying mine.


Esteban Francisco 

4) Essential Question

What caused Augusto Pinochet to be so cruel and ruthless to his people?

Why did people not report his to other countries to try to get him arrested for the crimes he had done?