Michael Gallup One Word Summary- 4/4/2014

Industrial Revolution- Innovation

By Michael Gallup

An easy way to describe the Industrial Revolution is Innovation. Innovation means change, which there was definitely a lot of during the Industrial Revolution. One example of the change in this period of time is the ideas, since America was a free country, a lot of people weren’t afraid to come up with new ideas that would further the development of the country, and soon the world. Thomas Edison, for example, created something used even on the Computer this is being typed on, the Light Bulb. He also invented many other things, but he wasn’t the only one to invent new ideas. Henry Ford, for example, created the Car, which is used by many people today, although it isn’t very environmental friendly. The Innovation of the Industrial Revolution was convenient for a bit, but we are now realizing the impact it may have on the Earth, which if the impact is too great, could end in our ultimate demise. The time period today, which may be the beginning of the New Industrial Revolution, is the start of the new inventions which could be very friendly to the environment, and could save us all from demise.

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