Hatchet vrs Harry Potter


Hatchet and Harry Potter have clear differences in theme, realistic events and setting.

The first differences between Hatchet and Harry Potter is the Theme. Hatchet is about surviving in thewilderness.While Harry Potter deals with goodness overcoming evilness. For instance, Harry Potter tries to protect Hogwarts, and Brian tries to make weapons to hunt for food. It is clear both books show that are different in Theme.

The second difference is realistic events.

In Hatchet, Brian tries to survive alone in the forest. This action is realistic, for surviving is an human instinct, In the other side Harry Potteralways tries to beat Voldermort. In the world good people tries to avoid bad people who could damage them. For example Harry tries to save the world from devil, in the world good people dont wantbad people to hurt them. Mean while Brian tries to survive at the forest and surviving is what people is doing everyday, but not at the forest. It is clear Hatchet is more realistic than Harry Potter.

The third difference is setting.

Hatchet written by Gary Paulsen takes place in a lost forest in Canada. While Harry Potter written by J.K Rowling takes place in Hogwarts, a hidden magic school at England. An example of this is that Brian is in a real place a place that people could be in real life, mean while Harry is in a ficcion world were humans will never be. It is evident both stories show difference in setting.

In conclusion both books are very different, but both are great books.

The two books show you differences. Hatchet show how to survive alone. Finally Harry Potter will teach how to overcome evilness.