Japan travel journal

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Journal entry one: It is my first day in Japan and as soon as I got off the plane I found out there was going to be a typhoon but that is okay because I met a friend and i stayed at her house. But other than that it is beautiful here. there is tons of people 127341000 people to be exact. so as you can tell it is very crowded. but at least at this time of the year it is warm. but the bad part is there is a lot of volcano's. also since the island is surrounded be water there is a lot of fishing and eating fish also people here farm and grow rice so when you live here you pretty much eat rice fish and noodles. so if you are a vegetarian and you live here you're golden.and since there isn't much space here there aren't many different jobs but I don't think the Japanese mind.

So even though it is very different here I like Japan and that is what I learned


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