Jean Metzinger

the most awesome cubist in the world

Jean Metzinger was born June 24th in Nantes France, 1883 and died November 3rd 1956 in Paris at the age 73. Jean was a student at Academie des Beaux-Arts in Nantes, working under Hippolyte Touront, a well-known portrait painter who taught an academic, conventional style of painting.

Jean Metzinger's paintings:

  • Jean Metzinger worked in Paris, France with Gleizes, Fernand Leger and Robert Delaunay.

A self portrait of Jean Metzinger:

Jean Metziger was a participant of Neo-Impressionism and Divisionism form of art. Also Between 1918 and 1923 Metzinger moved away from cubism to realism.

What is cubism? Cubism is a form of abstract that uses shapes and tries to show you things at different angles.

what I feel about this art form is mixed emotions. Some confusion and admiration of the beauty.

Other cubism paintings:

By:Cameron Abbott

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