how fast is a dog?

How Fast Can A Dog Run?A dog can run up to nineteen miles per hour when running at full speed., but the members of the greyhound family are the fastest, they can run up to 42 miles per hour.

how do they bark at people?

  • Anxiety: Anxious barking often seems to be an an act of self-soothing for many dogs. It is often high-pitched and sometimes accompanied by whining. This type of barking is common for dogs with separation anxiety.

why are dogs mean

Puppies need constant guidance and to be taught what is acceptable and what is not. Most dogs that are destructive are not happy dogs. When a dog is destructive it is usually a sign that there is something lacking in the dog’s life, something that the canine animal needs which the humans around them are not providing—perhaps boredom, a lack of communication, exercise, discipline or a general understanding between canine and human. A dog’s actions are a direct result of the humans around it. Learn more:Understanding Dog Behavior.

what dogs are doing

I can be gone for 30 minutes just grabbing something to eat and he'll find something to chew up. He once chewed up my digital camera and some of my Playstation and Turbografx games.

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What do they eat?

They eat a variety of foods, including meat, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and dog food.

Dog are pets.

Dogs are animals.

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