• Location refers to where a specific city state country or region can be foud in the world location is what place you are going to. location is the place you go to at any time
  • example:the wall of china is located in china
  • sentence:last summer the location i went to wet'n'wild  
  • Place

    Place is where you are  it doesn't matter where you are you are in a place.

    example:kings dominion is a place where you can get on water rides  

    sentence:last summer i also went to kings dominion

    human enviorment interaction  

    human environment interaction is when humans help keep places clean

    example:people help by keeping lakes clean  

    sentence:everyone recycles because the stuff can be reused in different ways


    sentence: Movement is how things get from place to place.

    definition: A particular manner of moving.motion,

    example:when people move to a new house they are using movement


  • region refers to groups of locations that share characteristics.
  • example:You can get forecasts for four mountain regions at present.
  • sentence:if groups share characteristics it is a region
  • And those are the five themes of geography