Makenzie G.                                    #SpringBreak                                  #Kettner

When we were on Spring Break my family and I went to Montana to visit my grandparents. We stayed in Lake-Side, Montana. When we arrived there, they showed us there new house, and the zip line they had, plus the Razor they bought to drive around in the mountains. Then the next day we went out to Glacier National Park and hiked up some of the trails they had. Later on that day we went to the Huckleberry Patch restaurant and shop. We had lunch, and looked through the shop afterwords. The next day we decided to go fishing and so we drove out to a like and also drove the Razor around up on the hills. Later that day we went home and spent the last few hours with our family. Our trip to Montana was amazing I had a great time with all of my family, and I will never forget it.

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