Abigail Reisinger

I'm Abigail Reisinger and I love to be active, outside, etc. I very much enjoy listening to music and singing. I like hanging out with friends and having fun. Also, I play softball and volleyball on my free time.


I am the Libero for the Girard Jv volleyball team. I am the best back row player. Also, I play 5 1/2 out of a total of 6 rotations.

I have been a pitcher for softball for about seven or eight years and running. I enjoy pitching because I am apart of every single play that goes on while my team is in the field.

Something else that represents me is a pencil and a piece of paper. With these two things, I can express myself in ways that many will let me not. With these items I can say what has been stuck on my mind because of a lack to speak it.


One of my goals is to be excepted into Penn State Main. One way that I can achieve this goal is by focusing on school. Grades are a large part in where my college career can go. Also, sports are a large factor in the college options.

Another goal of mine is to complete high school without failing any of the keystones that I will be required to take. I can accomplish this goal by making sure that I do my best throughout the year and that I pay attention enough to remember what I have learned in a specific class.

One final goal that I would like to obtain is to be successful in life. I can achieve this by doing the best I can in school. I can also achieve this by being a good social person.
People will not only be able to tolerate me, but actually like me. And I feel as if that is very large in success.

Travel plans

The reason that I picked Paris, France is because for some reason I have always wanted to go there. I feel that it is so beautiful there and I would just like to go there and admire it all. I believe that going to this amazing place would be an excellent experience. I could try new foods and meet a whole new group of people. It would be beneficial for me.

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