United By Common Interest

"If we would be fair things could be a lot better"


There is social conflict in the world because of a lot of reasons. The central government goes along with what the majority wants. That's how laws get passed; even when we vote, the majority wins. They do that for the public good which can make the minority feel unequal (race, sexuality, class, religion, etc.) Most if not all the social conflict leads back to the majority. You don't see majority's out protesting because they already have what they want.

The picture shows the minority protesting for what they want. They are a faction that won't let unions or the central government control them. They want their "public good". The song "Call it what you want" by Foster The People, is talking from the minority's point of view. Telling the majority to call it what they want but they will still fight for what they want. Also it talks about how we label everything.

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