Massive Fight Breaks Up Friendship

          On Monday April 13, 2013 a massive fight occurred in Toronto, Ontario during a soccer tournament involving Kelly Ann and Jane Smith. An anonymous insider explained that the two soccer players have been having trouble with their friendship for a while, but it suddenly started to progress, becoming even worse when Kelly Ann began dating Jane Smiths ex boyfriend.

          Coach Roger Bell (coach of Kelly Ann) was there when the fight happened, he said, "I don't understand what happened to be honest with you. One second were watching the girls play a game of soccer, then another second you see Jane Smith shoving Kelly Ann and that's when the fight started". Roger Bell explained, still shaken up about what he had just witnessed.

Coach Roger Bell

          Another coach, Robert Polly, who had also witnessed the fight, had a lot to say when asked to describe what he saw, he proceeded to say, "When I first saw Jane Smith that day, I knew something wasn't right about her. From the beginning she seemed very aggravated. But the second she walked up to Kelly Ann, I honestly didn't think she would hit her like that. Kelly Ann and Jane had a very close friendship. I think everyone was shocked at what happened right in front of them".

          An Officer who was called on the scene, by the name of Joe Mills spoke out about this, "I believe that Jane Smith will be charged by Kelly Ann and will be put on probation. She may also be spending time in jail. Her court date is set for May 14, 2013 where that will be decided.

          Although Kelly Ann has recovered after two weeks in the hospital, she will not be able to participate in soccer for two months. Jane Smith's jail status is still unknown. She has been put on probation and has gotten kicked off of her team in the mean time.

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