How do tornadoes form?

1. It starts out in a thunderstorm

2. Winds in the clouds blow faster than the lower winds on the ground air starts to spin

3.Power builds up in clouds center

4.The bottom of the cloud comes to a point when it hits the ground it’s a tornado

Historical Examples

JUN 28, 1865 4:00 pm 22 dead 100 injured At Viroqua, Vernon County, nine of the deaths were in a school.

On August 18, 2005 an F3 tornado with winds up to two hundred miles an hour carved a ten-mile long, half-wide path of destruction across rural subdivisions and farms just north of Stoughton, Wisconsin. One death.

People didn't didn't have technology, or a weather man.

Impact on human life

To prevent death and injuries most houses have basements,sirines,warning systems,apps weather stations, radios, weather alerts,and technology. All these things help save peoples lives

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