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Horses have very unique colors and markings. The color of a horse does not usually depend on a breed. Although, there are rare and common colors for a breed. There are a lot of colors such as chesnut, bay, palomino, and buckskin. But those are only a few. Look at pictures to see many more. Horses also have fetlock (foot/shin area of a horse) and face markings. Some face markings are blaze, star, snip, and many more shown in the pictures below. Some foot markings are stocking, pastern, sock, and more. Markings are a fun and interesting trait of a horse.


There are over 350 breeds in the world. Breeds have different qualities such as markings, shape, size, blood type, and character. There are draft or heavy horses, ponies, horses, and light horses. A draft horse is a heavy horse that is good for working, like pulling a plow are carrying wood. A pony is a type of horse that is under 14.2 hands. Hands are used for measuring horses. They equal four inches. A horse is a like a pony but it is over 14.2 hands. The name horse is used to categorize all drafts, lights, ponies, and horses, but it actually means a pony over 14.2 hands. Last but not least is the light horse. This horse is lighter than the other categorized horses. It is typically used for racing, jumping, or other athletic horse events. Although others can be used for events, too. Breeds are a very special part of the role of a horse.

Horse Characteristics
Body Language

Horses have many characteristics. Some happen when they are mad. Some when they here you speak. A few horse characteristics are bucking, ears back, and tail swishing. Another is head out. Usually bucking comes in either if something is behind the horse or the horse is mad. Ears back happen when it is scared or it is listening carefully. Tail swishing happens when there is something bugging the horse like not feeling well or just a fly buzzing around. When horses protecting something or someone they rear, kick, and bite. You would not want to be around when this happens. You should always be careful or the horse might get mad. Although it is usually in the wild. Sometimes fighting, bucking, and rearing is used for shows or entertainment. Just like us, horses have character.

Western and English

When you ride a horse you can ride bareback (without a saddle) or tacked up. You can also ride Western or English. Most people know about the "cowboys in the old west". Well, they rode their style which was called western riding. After a while a new and more formal riding came out in the 1800s from very proper people. This was called English riding. We all know that European people like Britains were very formal. Well, since there are two styles of riding, there has to be two kinds of tack. English and Western tack are similar and different in many ways. One things is the saddles. A western saddle has a horn. They are also usually more ragged. English saddles are clean and hornless. Also, western saddles usually have designs on them, like swirls or pictures. English saddles are smooth. Western bridles and English bridles are very similar. One thing that is different is the mouthpiece or bit. You can have different bits. The mouthpeice is usually different in the way it comes around the horses mouth. Some tack is saddles, bridles, harnesses, saddleblankets, blankets/flynets blankets, bits, saddlebags, and possibly some horse decorations. Tack is very important to a horse's  and your comfort.

Horse Events

Horses can do many things. Some things they do are rodeos, racing, and dressage but thats just the beginning. Horses can also participate in sports like horse polo, show jumping, and many more. Vaulting, reining, tent pegging, and horseball are some others. Some of these are in the equestrian olympics!

Horse Jokes

A man was in the hospital with 6 plastic horses in his stomach. His condition was stable.

Why couldn't the horse speak? He was hoarse.

The white on the paint horse below spells horse. :)

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