Final Project

The Dark knight poster borad

They have the lettering of the dark rise big and bright on a dark background to draw the attention to its name. They have really good contrasting colors for they name is on a they have the picture dark to bold the hero in the movie. They have a shocking image of a burning building and a man standing in front of the building. Hey has to fight against a guy trying to take over the city named Joker. The people are going to wonder why there is a burning building and why there is a quote "A city with no rules."I wondered why there was a random dude standing there and there is a lot of smoke above the burning building so they must have been a bomb inside the building. The people will draw attention to the actor who is in it to because they are all really popular people so it will be a good connection for people to see it.

Amusement park best and worst strategies.

The best ideas for an amusement park are one to give an all year pass for a higher price. Second idea could be to have a discount for the best fans and for the better customers get cheaper stay and food and passes. Third is that they can have a Special deal if you live within a certain point of the amusement park you get a discount for it. The negative that amusement parks can have are one having their prices expensive they can lose a lot of their customer because they can’t afford it. Second they should not have a lot of sales discount because they will end up losing a lot of their money. Third thing is they should have a lot of space for people so they are not all crowded because it harder to move around at the park and less crowding.

TV shows best and worst strategies

The best ideas for a TV show producer is to get your TV shows name out there is so people can hear about your show put it on the later night commercials. If they can get their show out there they will be able to keep people engage they could give special meet with the cast of the show or they can have a fan competition for their top fans to do. Third thing is they need to have the cast go on really good talk show to express Their self and talk all about the show and tell people to talk about it so that they can advertise their show for free through all their fans that they have. Some of the negative things that a TV producer can have are when they are not getting the fans attention. They need to have their cast be interested in the fans so they want to come back and watch it and another bad strategy is when they leave there fans confused on what they just saw they lose their engagement between the TV show and fans stop watching it.

Movie Tailer

The trailer shows that are good scenes to make you want to go to the movie because you want to know what is going to happen in the whole movie or how it all started with him being spider man. They give a good idea what it is going to be about who the super hero and villein so we know who the main charters are in the movie and what the big conflict is going to be and that there is a point where old enemies become friend. The main conflict with be a big fight between good and evil. There is always a point in the movie where good first meet evil and then it goes downhill from there the bad guy wins most of the fight and then he losses at the end of the movie. They want the movie to be harder to catch on so people want to go see the movie for their self.

Best Strategies For Movies

The best ways for movie producers to get their ideas out there are to first are to get there name out there which would be to get them on radio and magazines because a lot of people listen to the radio when they are in the car doing something they turn on the radio and then they want to watch the trailer and they share it to their friends. They need to put out there movie at a good time of the year where a lot of people would go to see it then. They also want to try to send a good message to the fans and give them a reason to go see the movie and want to become a fan of your movie. If you can keep them coming back they will be able to bring their friend and the movie get more money and more publicity.

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