My Life as a Soldier Journal

Day 1:

Dear Journal,

My name is William Gainer and I live in Illinois. Life is pretty decent at home. I work as a merchant and I am married to a wonderful lady. I will be serving for the Union in the war because I am against slavery and my rank is general. I have family too, I have a kid named John that is 5 months old.

Day 2:

MT: I’ve really been toeing the mark today, I’m probably fit as a fiddle!

William: I’m played out. It’s time to fill my bread basket.

MT: I can hear them soldiers getting wallpapered. I’m glad that I’m not one of them. After all, I’m a nurse.

William: How long have you been one of them sawbones?

MT: Though I’m a fresh fish, I’ve been through the mill. Earning a degree after a long education requires a lot of horse sense.

William :I really am hungry. Do you have any goobers that I can borrow?

MT: Sure. (hands an invisible peanut to soldier)

William:(Eats invisible peanut) I better skedaddle. I don’t want to get caught by one of those greenhorns.

Day 3:

Dear, Mom and Dad

The location of my camp is in the forest. There are lots of animals throughout the forest that I see. My Friend Joe and I sent up the this camp with our own hands. One normal thing that happens at camp is the chores that we have to do. We have to teach other soldiers what to do in war. We teach them because we are ranked higher and we know what we are doing. One time a private hurt another private really really bad so they made the man wear a sign that said 'THIEF" in bold letters. On the sign was writing about what he did to the other soldier.

The picture down below shows were we started our camp.

Link to photo:

Day 4

Jeremiah, When you chose to stay home and car for your mother. What Caused you to make that choice?

Jeremiah: I really just wanted to stay home to make sure she was fine. Family comes before anything.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you proud or happy about?

Jeremiah: Just really making the important decisions in my life.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish you could change?

Jeremiah: I wish I could change my mom from being sick and having to fight in the war.

Jeremiah, What will you do next in life?

Jeremiah: I'm not really sure yet.

Day 5:SONG

We are the soldiers

The people Rise

The people fall

We are the Soldiers

People die

But some don't

Many get sick

Many get hurt

We Are the soldiers

All the soldiers

Fight for each other

They fight till they die

We Are the Soldiers

Fight till the end

For the country that we love

Day 6:

Camp life was tough. Many people get sick and it can be really bad. Because people keep getting sick from others. I hope I don't ever get sick really badly. The tents that we sleep in are really small and not comfortable.

Day 7: Many People got sick. One sickness was diarrhea it was really bad. Many people died from it. Doctors had no way to stop it. It is very contagious. Another, sickness people faced was pink eye. A lot people got that because it was super contagious. When people get injured in war the doctors don't wash their tools so many people get really bad infections and die.

Day 8:

I will be coming home from the war in about a week from now! The war is ending and I have been fighting for about 4 years now. I faced many harsh and bad things during the war. I just want to get home and see my family all together. Again I fought for the Union so when I return there won't be any slavery which is good. I really just want to go home and sleep in my bed again. I also am getting a new car when I get home. Getting home is going to be great I cannot wait! I will arrive in Illinois by bus. It will take a long time, but it is worth it!


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