Raymond Academy Goes Tech Like a Pirate @ TCCA14!

TCCA is a FREE technology and curriculum conference (started and implemented by the Instructional Technology Specialists in Aldine ISD) in the Houston area that takes place on a non-school day and is not just available for teachers but other staff as well such as administrators and librarians. This enables us to engage both teachers and administrators by providing a service that is in high demand.

My Role @ TCCA

Every iTech in Aldine plays a vital role in making sure TCCA is success. I volunteered for the following roles at TCCA:

  • I set up the registration goodies for all participates.
  • I was a docent (providing participants with certificate authentication stickers as they attend sessions as well as being an "on call presenter" for no show presenters--which I had to actually do; 2 times)
  • I actually presented at TCCA to a crowd of over 30 educators.

The Challenge

The Results from the Challenge

The Icing on the Cake from TCCA

Our admin (Principal, Jessica Scott and Asst. Prin., D. St.Julian) were unable to attend TCCA but because we used our campus Google+ community during the experience, they were able to learn from all of the Raymond educators during the event. Great information was shared and communication never stopped!

Educator Feedback on their TCCA Experience