12 Favorite things

Abby Hovey


He is a part of my live because when my sister moved I was the one who took care of him I was the one who cared about him and I loved that dog he was always there when I needed some one to hug or make all the bad go away he haas there to make me happy when I was said he would come and snuggle with me.. I used softened on this picture.


I love Patch because he is my new little puppy. He is a snugger. He remands me of Buster. I used Forbidden on this picture.

Study hall

One other thing that was one of my Favorite things was study hall with these two chicks they mad it fun. We had some pretty good times in 6th hour study hall. but all good things must come to a end. I used CIN action on my photo.


She is my most favorite thing she is my sunshine. She was so sweet and we do everything together she never leaves my side and I never leave hers. She is my howl word i don't no what i would do with out her I love her to death. She nows how to put a smile on your face. I used quick edge blur and Adrenaline. I would have to say Fishing is my best photo. I took it on May 10th 2014. It was Taken at foresten Bridge. Its my best Photo because i like how when I used the CIN action it Boosted them out. I loved taking pictures about my life and just taking pictures.