Important Empires

map of the Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty

   The Tang dynasty began in 618 and lasted until 906. the Dynasty was in the Same area as the Hon Dynasty because the Chinese didn't believe they needed to take over the world because to them they were the world. After the fall of the Han china fell into a sort of dark ages where there was alot of chaos.the next major dynasty that ended the confusion was the Tang. Without the Tang and their many contributions we probably wouldn't be living in America, because the Tang invented the compass. Although they didnt plan to make it they did, it started as a game to predict the future but they noticed that most of the time it would land in one direction. They also created the first mechanical clocks. Perhaps the contribution that amde the most impact on the world today was gunpowder. although the Tang didnt use it to kill other nations found out its destructive nature, but the Tang used gunpowder for fireworks. The Tang also created porcelain,. Without the Tang we would all still be living in Europe.

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