NTIP Growing Success, Web Marks, and Web 2.0


Learning Goals for this Workshop

We are learning to...

Overall Expectations

  • become familiar with the Growing Success Document
  • setup and use Web Marks software in alignment with Growing Success
  • practice the use of Web 2.0 Tools to bring back to our classrooms
  • deliver a practical and useful workshop that addresses your specific needs (and have some fun at the same time)
  • set your own goal for the day

Success Criteria

  • I will demonstrate my success by viewing the results of the exit survey
  • I will also monitor students' ability during the work period in the afternoon with regards to Web Marks and Web 2.0
  • I will gain knowledge of new resources to use in the classroom
  • I will learn how to best utilize on-line platforms for students to engage in the learning process
  • We will be Web Marks masters by the end of the day


We need three groups

The topic: Effective Instruction

               Group 1                                      Group 2                                       Group 3

Connections to Assessment & Evaluation

Effective instruction looks like:

  • Differentiated instruction
  • Teaching to a variety of learning skills
  • Scaffolding for higher order thinking skills
  • Providing descriptive feedback
  • Developing Learning Skills - Assessment for learning rather than marks

Growing Success

Learning Skills

Web Marks

Web 2.0

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