Candy Corn Catapult
By:Evie R. and Kylee Grace K.

1.You have to get the shape of the catapult just right or it will fall over. The supplies you used had to be strong enough to hold it up and make it work. For example we had a rubber band snap because it wasn't strong enough and we didn't use enough tape so it almost fell over.

2.You can't pull the catapult to far back or it will go straight up, and if you don't pull it far enough back it wont go very far but if you pull it to just the right angle it will shoot far enough.

3.Potential, kinetic ,and mechanical energy are alike because they are all examples of motion.

4.A real life example would be Shooting a basketball into a goal. For example yesterday we were playing basketball and to make it go into the hoop you have to use your arm like a catapult and throw the ball to make it into the hoop.

5.Next time we should make our  catapult smaller because objects of the catapult get in your way and it is not as heavy if it's smaller plus it goes farther.