Bill Nye the Science Guy: Keynote
Author & Inventor

Day 3 of TCEA begins with the openning keynote. Thousands of people are lined up around the convention center excited  and anxious to meet and see Bill Nye. Being a former science teacher and a heavy user of his resources I myself was anxious to hear him speak.

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We held a PD in your PJ's live from Austin on Wednesday evening.

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Stehlik Intermediate's Google plus Page

I love the way we are sharing what is going on in our classroom and around the campus. Please make sure that when you are posting pictures of students it  is not being shared with the public without parental consent. The Stehlik Community is private to our campus only. There you can find pictures, resourses, reminders, contests etc. It is a great resource  stop by and see what you are missing. Most of my tech news will come through the community.

Google Lounge
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These sessions are set up so that you are able to ask questions you have relating to google,chrome,apps, extentions,gmail, etc. Please do not wait till the migration or till you see me in the hall to ask questions. If you are logged into google click below and the rsvp form will appear.

Tech requests

The link can be found in the signature of most emails sent out by me. If you need it that is where it can be found and  right below this message. I included another option technology integration ideas. Want to try something new and don't know where to start, I can help.