Learning Anywhere at TCEA

So....What was the high points of TCEA 2015? I attended TCEA for the very first time, with the hopes of learning what's new in the world on Tech on a TEXAN Scale.lol

The high points were numerous and exciting to bat! Instructional Technology Specialist, Coaches, and Directors...from all of the state of Texas came out by the hundreds to learn from each other and collaborate on a grand scale.

One of My Favorite TCEA Sessions

No joke this session was mind blowing! Why? Because Denise Burke (twitter: @burkedit)  shared some amazing Apps that truly does what she says, "cultivate student creativity!". The ThingLink below contains over a dozen apps that help students explore their creative juices while using a digital device!

Need to check out a few examples of how to utilize these apps with one or multiple iPads, check out her presentation!