Town Center CHAT

Creating Harmony
Among Teachers

I hope we can all have as much fun as Jennifer Martin does!

Updates & Reminders

Family Love

Don't forget to send in a picture of your family. You can email it to Marly or put it in her box in the office. Your family includes whomever you love and consider family: your parents, siblings, spouses, children, pets, etc.


Don't forget to give your CHAT donations to Marnie. Contact Marly if you need details.

**Talk to your Team Leader about an incentive to donate!**

Holiday Fun!

You've Been Boo-ed!

You know how families sometimes "Boo" each other? You leave a note and a treat on a neighbor's doorstep, and then they continue the pattern and leave a note and a treat on another neighbor's doorstep. Well, we're going to bring this fun (and slightly silly) tradition to Town Center.

I'll get us started by Boo-ing a few TCE peeps sometime closer to Halloween. If you get BOO-ed, please continue the fun and "Boo" someone else. Leave a note on their door that says "You've Been Boo-ed," and a small treat.

If you search "You've Been Booed" on Pinterest, you'll find lots of cute notes that you can copy or print. In terms of treats, keep it to a few bucks max. You could leave candy, a notepad, a cute accessory, pencils, etc.

Events & Socials

October Potluck

We will have a potluck on Monday, October 27. I'll have a sign up posted in the lounge area by Monday, the 20th. (I won't forget this time!)

Thank you, Marnie!

The Social at Marnie's House last month was a big hit. Big shout out to Marnie for opening her home to us. Thank you, Marnie.

If you weren't able to make it this time, don't worry! We'll have another social soon!

If you are interested in hosting a social for October or have an idea for a social,
let Marly know.