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To us, perseverance means to push through and overcome something that is in between you and your goal. We think P!nk has persevered because her parents got divorced when she was a very young age, she got into drugs as a teenager, and she was not liked by very many people growing up. She had a very rough life as a kid and she is now very successful.

Early Life

Alecia Moore, better known as her stage name P!nk, was born September 8, 1979 to her parents, Judith and Jim Moore. She grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania where she attended Kutz Elementary School, Lenape Middle School, and Central Bucks High School West.

Her Parents Divorce

When Alecia was a toddler, her parents began having problems with their marriage, and were divorced before she was ten. The singer claims it was like World War 3 in her house and her parents hated each other. This lead to a rough childhood and growing up was tough. She was thought of as a "bad influence" by her friends' parents. Her own parents were terrified of her.

Her Teenage Life

Alecia started drugs when she was 12 and used and dealt until she was 15. She decided enough was enough when she nearly overdosed. She was a total party girl when she was young, not only doing drugs but drinking and smoking too. She was a gymnast for 8 years as well, she originally wanted to be an olympic gymnast but that didn't work out.

Her Unliked Personality

She was very rebellious doing drugs and committing petty crimes. Her friends weren't allowed to hang out with her very often because she was seen as a bad influence. She went through phases from skateboarder, to hip-hopper, to rave child, to lead singer in a band. Her own parents were terrified of her. She dropped out of high school and later returned for her G.E.D.

How she got Into the Music Industry

Alecia began performing in clubs when she was 14. She was part of a girl group called Basic Instinct. L.A. Reid heard one of their songs and soon signed them. Then L.A. Reid asked Alecia to go solo or go home. She didn't take the opportunity. She later was in a band called Choice but that didn't last long.

She released her first solo album in 2000, which led to her opening for the popular band 'N Sync. In 2002, she released her second album, and a year later, she released her third album. Her fourth album was released in 2006, fifth in 2008, and her sixth in 2012.

Her Achievements

P!nk has been nominated for a total of 120 awards surrounding her career and has won 51. She has starred in 11 movies and TV shows. She has realeased 6 albums and down 6 tours. She married her husband Cary Hart in 2006, but got divorced 2 years later. They announced they were back together in 2010. After the couple got back together, P!nk announced on the Ellen Degeneres show that she was expecting. Her daughter Willow was born June 2, 2011. On top of all that, P!nk is a spokesperson for the make-up brand Cover Girl, she is vegan, and she is an animal rights activist.

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