Recruitment and selection

Job adverts

A job advert is something you see in newspapers T.V local radio and they are there to inform you about the jobs that are available to you.


A cv is paper which you put information about yourself and some of the jobs you have previously had and when and where these jobs where located.

Application form

A application form is a form in which you try and sell yourself to the employer so that you can get the job which you are after.

Job description

A job description is a short paragraph that tell you about the role of the job and exactly what you will have to do inside the job.

Person specification

This tells you what kind of person they are looking for who would be just right for the job.

This is when the employer shortens down all of the applicants and narrows it down to 3 or 4


A interview is when you go and talk to the employer about the job and tell them in more detail about yourself.


Is when you ask someone you have been employed by or a teacher which used to teach you to say good or bad things about you.

fringe benefit

A fringe benefit is a form of pay for the performance of services. For example, you provide an employee with a fringe benefit when you allow the employee to use a business vehicle to commute to and from work. Performance of services. A person who performs services for you does not have to be your employee.

Internal recruitment

An internal recruitment strategy is characterized by promoting employees from within an organization to fill upcoming positions. Many firms use such devices as job posting boards, email flashes, intranet posts and fliers to advise existing employees of positions they may vie for. This recruitment may be in the form of creating and shuffling temporary teams to fill certain tasks or may be permanent changes. Internal recruitment may be primarily horizontal or it may be for promotions in which the promoted employee's former position may not be filled.

External recruitment

An external recruitment strategy is one which a human resources department will systematically search the employee pool outside its own employees to fill positions. Many firms will use advertisements in newspapers, job search websites, job fairs and referrals from current employees to fill positions. Some companies will utilize a temporary employee agency to fill positions that can be completed quickly and with less company-specific skill required to complete the desired task. Other firms will use headhunters or hiring consultants to seek, screen and deliver employees for a fee.