My Little Brother

                                                                      Edwin Alexander                                 26 March 2014

My little brother is 21 month big and his birthday is the 9 of June. He was born the 9 of June of 2013 and he is super intelligent. He talks, walks, think, tells my families nanes and more things.

The best thing I like about my brother is that he is very silly, because he laughed funny and walks funny. Another thing like about my brother is that he sings the barney song super happy and silly.

My brother knows Chino,Chavez, my big brother and my mom and dad. But my brother passes more time with me, because I always need to take care of him. I take care of him in the afternoons of each day, but on the weekend I think I take care of him all the day.

I think that my brother is the best brother of all the world, and I will take care of him forever.