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Walt Disney

Birth: December 5,1901. Death: December 15,1966.

Walter was born in Hermosa, Illinois and spent most of his time in Marceline, Missouri.

Family members:  He was one of 5 children. There was 4 boys and one girl. His father name was Elias Disney and his mother name was Flora call Disney.

Important facts

Walt attended McKinley high school, He took up drawing and also photographing. His family moved to Kansas City where he loved trains. He dropped out of school to go to the Army, but he was rejected because of his age. After he was rejected he went to London and became apart of the Red cross. His brother got him a job at the Pesmin art studio.

He married one of his employees and had two daughters. In 1918, steamboat willie made New york theatre. After Dumbo was filmed the United States began world war 1. Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer and died ten days after his 65th birthday. After Walt died his brother, Roy came out of retirement too.

1. In 1971, His brother opened the the amusement park, Walt Disney,in honor of his brother Walt.

2.The little Mermaid was out in 1989. The lion King was out in 1994

3. The first disney was made in  Orlando, Florida.

4. Donald Duck was created in 1934

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2 years ago

I never knew Walt desired to enter into the Army and was involved in Red Cross. I find it pretty interesting that his brother took up after him and opened Disney land in order to honor him!!