Ancient Japan had many different things that expressed their culture. Such as their fashion, literature, religion, visual arts, architecture, performing arts, and people like Lady Muraski Shikibu.


The fashion for ancient Japan consisted ofwordrobes full of silk robes and gold jewlery. The women wore long gowns made of twelve layers of colored silk.Fasion in modern day Japan is very much like western day culture.


Liturature was very important to the Nobles of Heian. Women wrote diaries and journals of their life in court. Women wrote more in Japaneese unlike men who wrote more on Chineese. Lady Marasaki Shikibu wrote The Tale Of Genji. Many historians consider this to be one of the worlds first full length novels.

Visual arts

Nobles of Heian liked bright bold colors. They also liked painting that demo stated a story like The Tale Of Genji.


Ancient Japan modeled Heian after the Chineese capital. They also took art in elegant gardens

Performing arts

People often gathered to watch musicians, jugglers, and acrobatics. There was a famos play called Noh. Noh plays combine music,speaking, and dance, these plays often tell about great heroes or figures from Japan's past.

Buddhism changes

Religion took form in Heian. Religion reflected their love and elaborate rituals. Most people in Japan however, could not afford the time nor money to go to these rituals. Due to this many different types of Buddhism took place. Pure land Buddhism chanted Buddhas name over and over again. Then another popular form of Buddhism took place. This was called Zen. Zen Buddhists believed that neither faith nor good behavior brought wisdom, and that people looking for wisdom practice self discipline and meditation.

Lady Murasaki Shikibu

She wrote The Tale Of Genji. And this was considered to be one of the worlds first full length novels. She also learned how to read and write from over hearing her brothers.

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