All About Me

By: Ava Anderson

Its a Girl!

I was born on September 25, 2002. My parents were about to name me Maya but my mother had an A name theme going, so my my older sister insisted I was named Ava.

Disney Family

I had a family of 5. My mom, Debbie, My dad, Mark, My sister, Ashley, My brother, A.J., and Me, Ava. I loved watching Disney movies with my brother and sister over the weekends. WE would put the two couches together and make one big couch.


I have been doing ballet since I was 3 years old. For the 8 years I've been doing it, i developed different styles of dancing. Ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, and lyrical,

MY dogs

I have three dogs. Itty Bitty who is 9 and a  Yorkie Terrier, Tennie Wennie who is 4 and a Maltese, and Miss. Mulberry who is a chihuahua. We dont' know the exact age of Miss. Mulberry  because we rescued her off the streets of LA, but we are guessing she is pretty young.


My favorite season is Summer and i am so excited for it!!


My favorite tv shows are once upon a time and Glee ^


My favorite food is watermelon. MY cousins and I always yell WATERMELOAN as we eat it together

Professional Fangirl

My favorite band is One Direction.  I have so many friends that like one direction and It's reslly fun to talk about them with them. My cousin and I call ourselves proffesinal fangirls.

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