1. abode- a place of residence

2. cluck- The sound made by a hen.

3. foe- an enemy or opponent.

4. infantry- an army that fight on foot.

5. jeweled- to fit with jewels.

6. mosses- common name for byophyto plant.

7. murmuring- a soft, low sound.

8. napperkip- a formal handkerchief.

9. quaint- attractively unusual.

10. slosh- Move irregularly with a splashing sound.

11- solace- comfort or consolation.

12. solitary- done or existing alone.

13. thence- from  place or source previously mentioned.

14. thine- archaic form of yours

15. tremulous- shaking or quivering.

Poetry Terms

Metaphor- Describe one thing as another

Personification- Gives human qualities

Similes- Use like or as to compare two unlike things

symbol- anything that represents something

alliteration- the repeition of constant sounds

repeition- The use of any element of language.

Assonance- The repetition of vowel sounds

Consanance- the repetition of similar consanant.

onomatopoeia- the use of words that imitate sound.

rhyme- the repetition of sounds at the end of words.

meter- the rhythmical pattern in a poem.

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