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The Art Institute Of San Antonio

The art Institutes were created in 1969 with the first school in pittsburgh which was founded in 1921 and didn't offer bachelor's degrees until 2001,soon later the online version began offering bachelor's as well . in 2001 the institutes grew into the population of 20 then 30 campuses in 2006 and achieved around 50 in 2010. since 2012 , the school has had a decrease in the amount of enrollments by 20% between the second quarter of 2012 and the start of 2013

(Major Game Design and Illustration)

no traditions (I know of)

Test Scores and High School class rank are Neither required nor recommended

Cost is 10,157$ and the Tuition is 488$ per credit .

Students at this school , studying in the game design and illustrator area will take courses that teach you about skills like drawing, writing, color, and character design, along with introductory computer applications.

Salary is about 50,213$

The demand for animators increase by 25% per year

Animators work on creating movies ,video games , creating visual effects for both and television included . They create computer generated images or CGI for short with images of an actor's movements , which are then animated into 3-dimensional characters.some animators also work on the seventy or backgrounds for the specific events taking place .

Most animators have a bachelor's degree in animating or in something related, Animators usually need to take courses in drawing,3D programming, computer graphics, video effects and graphic design to be qualified.

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Scholarship Persuasive Essay

Going to college is an important step in many lives , for they need the knowledge and skills to get the career they may want . Many people try to get into universities but some are forced to view the failure they have gotten when trying to be accepted . I believe that I deserve to attend the university , The Art Institutes of of San Antonio because I have great talent in drawing and designing and I won't quit until I achieve my goal of being a successful animator

I have great talent that I have achieved after years of practice that I feel may contribute to the success of the university as I am able to create and draw characters based on the idea of what events the character may be subjected in , I am also interested in expanding my field of knowledge of drawing , animating and character design to put my talent to proper use in order to become successful and help the Company or college I work for be successful as well . I have won awards for my drawings and paintings, having them displayed and making others interested in doing the same , and help others find what they want to do in the future .

Even though there are many things that may discourage people including me at some points , I won't quit until I achieve my goal at being a successful animator because that is my future career of choice for the reason that I enjoy drawing , and designing characters and backgrounds .My major goal in life is to complete college and find a job with my career choice that I enjoy . I have been discouraged many times in my life and have been put down for not choosing the path of my peers but for the reason that I felt that path is incorrect , I went my own way and haven't gave up on it and I plan on having that to never be the case.

Although a lot of people choose the a life without college I prefer to be ready and commit myself to my future profession . I believe that I deserve to attend the university , The Art Institutes of of San Antonio because I have great talent in drawing and designing and I won't quit until I achieve my goal of being a successful animator so that I may be successful in life and help spread my ideas and creativity with others.

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without any reservation that I write this letter for Matthew Quijas for a spot at The Art Institute Of San Antonio. Matthew Quijas is very creative and works really well with others. Also, Matthew is the type of person that is open to new ideas at all times and is willing to interpret other's ideas into his creations.

One of Matthew's strengths is that he can draw, paint and sculpt. In the 9th grade Matthew made a sculpture of a soldier and it was the top two of the whole school. His imagination has helped him succeed by helping him draw new things. He takes pride into the work that he accomplishes. Matthew is excited and prepared to learn new animation and drawing techniques.

Matthew is ready for any challenges that he will come across in the future. Any college would benefit from his determination and knowledge , ready to overcome any difficult decisions that is thrown his way. He uses his knowledge to his advantage to be creative and he won't accept any drawings or paintings made by himself unless they are perfect and are accepted by others . If you have any unanswered questions about Matthew you may contact me at or my phone number (789)677-6767

Best regards,

Regina Cadena

El Dorado 9th grade Academy Student.

That One House

Fake,NT 12543

Tel: (789)677-6767


Cover Letter

Matthew Quijas

The Art Institutes of San Antonio

10000 IH-10 West, Suite 200, San Antonio,TX 78213

May 19, 2015

To Whom it May Concern,

I am applying for th of a college student at the art Institutes of San Antonio for the reason that I would love to learn and expand my knowledge on the subject of animating.

I am currently in the middle of pursuing my goal of obtaining a bachelor's degree in game design and illustration. I am in classes that help me gain work experience in what I plan on doing at your college.I can offer my my ideas , knowledge , and creativity to support the success of the college . I also will continue on my goal to find success in college and in my future career until I achieve it , not letting anything that may discourage me get in the way. I have been appointed with leadership multiple times in my projects and we always finish in time and always had an outcome of great success.

I have noticed that to be a successful animator , I must have creativity and devotion to my job. I believe I am perfect for a spot as a student at the Art Institutes . I would enjoy a opportunity to be interviewed at this college to to increase my chance for success in life

Thank you for taking your time to read this , I would be more than happy to be able to attend your school , I hope to here from The Art Institutes soon.

Sincerly ,

Matthew Quijas

123 Sesame Street

1(234)567-8910 (H)

1(098)765-4331 (C)


Matthew Quijas

12345 Lie.dr

El Paso, Texas 12345


Career Objective

I am a College Graduate that has a goal to be a full-time Animator to help create the next generation of entertainment using the latest technology and my focus to try to create the best characters,scenes,and animations. I am committed to be successful and use all my knowledge and talent to my full potential.

Skills & Abilities

Always Devoted

Always ready to learn more

Creative designs based on information

Can solve any problems I may come across


Inspire others to work harder


Game design and illustration -  Animation

Engineering and design Graphics engineer


El Dorado High    H.S. Diploma    2014-2018

The Art Institutes of San Antonio  Bachelor of Game design & illustration:Animation 2019-2023  GPA: 3.20

Employment History

2015-2016 SISD,

El Dorado High

English Designer/Artist


Was in charge of designing characters and scenes for a book , and also took part in the story making , which was then put together into a story.


1. Mr. Lie


El Dorado


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