5 online safety tips

Asante Noer


1. Don't respond if you don't know them. If someone is  texting you and you don't know them you never know if there friendly they can be predators

2. Tell parents. If someone contacts you and you don't know them and you feel uncomfortable or whatever tell and adult they will know whats best if it's okay to respond or not because you never know who's behind the screen.

3.Be careful what you post. You wanna be careful what you post because you might think its fine but my be innappropiate to someone else or hurt someone else's feelings and get in tons of trouble. If you know your parents wouldn't approve then don't do it because you can never delete or take back what you put on line no personal info because you never know who's looking out there who you don't know.

4.set profile to private.wanna set your profile to private so that not random strangers out there are staring at your profile.

5.Get parents involved. If your just going on sites without permission you might not be in trouble but unsafe because if your parents aren't there to see what your doing and something happen's like someone teasing you or stocking you they cant be there to help you be safe.

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