Road Trip 2k15

The realest friend group in Mooresville North Carolina has decided to take a road trip across America. The group consists of Natalie, Jocelyn and three other friends. We have decided to rent an old hippie van, a Volkswagon Type 2, that we are utilizing to drive across the country. Since gas prices are is so low right now, it will be the cheapest way for us to travel. We can also sleep in the van and save money on hotels. For all of these trips we will be packing food and making stops at grocery stores, sleeping bags to sleep on the bus or under the stars, hiking clothes, and other necessities. Special equipment will be fishing rods and cameras. Our first destination is The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This park is located in North Carolina and is a Restricted Land Use park. This park is set in the mountains with rivers and wildlife such as deer, elk, black bears, and coyotes. We will spend two nights there and then leave early the next day and travel to Curecanti National Recreation Area. Curecanti is located in Colorado and will be a long drive from The Great Smoky Mountains. We will stop along the way to eat and sleep but mostly travel at a steady rate. When we arrive we will stay for four days. Curecanti is a Multiple Land Use park that is composed of three reservoirs. While we are there we will be going salmon and trout fishing which is what the park is famous for. Next we will enter California and go to Yosemite National Park which is a Restricted Land Use area. Yosemite is a large beautiful valley most well known for its geysers, waterfalls, and wildlife. While we are there we will hike and see the waterfalls. Our last stop before heading home is San Francisco bey National Wildlife Refuge which is a moderately restricted land. It is located on the coast of California and is home to many endangered species like salt marsh harvest mouse, Ridgway's Rail, and Western Snowy Plover. While staying there we will watch the migratory birds that the park is famous for. After that we will start the long drive back to Mooresville.

Our total miles traveled will be 5376 miles.

Natalie Costa and Jocelyn Guzman

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