American Culture ReeseJohn

This picture represents how America isn't just one ethnic group. It has a mix of every kind put into one. When other people settled in America they were from across the ocean. In this picture all the ethnic groups are put into one whole pot of people and cultures. That is why America is multicultural.  

This video shows how America was angry with Britain because of how they are ruling the country. The Declaration of Independence was how they were going to be free from everything that that government was doing everything with America.

American Values are very important to us. Farm Land is very important because if we don't have anyone to own the land then we can't farm the land and that is how we get our money and trading from different countries. Another important value we have is Individual Identity. If we didn't have it then we couldn't have our own life anyone could use your identity and use your money.  

This photo mean that pop culture changes when something is new and everyone likes what ever it is. Music is changing everyday. Movie graphics get more realistic. Books are getting better. Whatever anyone likes is a pop culture.

American Culture is all about moving and using a lot of energy. Doctors are an example of never taking a break. If doctors take breaks and they are needed someone that is very hurt and need medical attention wouldn't be getting the care that they need.

The American Flag is a BIG symbol to us all Americans. It defines our freedom, our rights as a human being. Freedom of speech. The Soldiers that died protecting this country from the enemies trying to take these rights away from us.

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