Secret Service Project

By: Amber Mohabbat

Have you ever done something to help others, or even yourself? Did you enjoy it? The Secret Service Project is about helping others.You basically do good things to others throughout the week and you expect nothing in return. You don't necessarily have to help people, you can even help the environment. Its all about doing good things and helping.

When I did my Secret Service Project I took out the trash, helped my younger brother with his homework, I gave candy to a friend who didn't have any on Halloween, and I also washed the dishes. I think that out of all the things I have done, washing the dishes had the most impact. By doing those little things I helped my family and friends a lot.

The Secret Service project has impacted me to do better things for other people. The reason why is because it feels good to do things for others even if you don't get anything in return. It's the little things that make the biggest difference.

In conclusion, I think the Secret Service Project is a great way to help other people. Its like when you do something good, good comes back to you. My peers thought the Secret Service Project was a creative and clever way of helping others.

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