Rivera's Etiquette Assignment Period 2

1. Try avoiding to use ALL CAPS when you are typing an email. This tip is important because online when you use all caps it looks like you are yelling.

2. Make sure you use complete sentences when typing an email. This tip is important because when people use incomplete sentences it's really hard to figure out what they are trying to say.

3. Don't say things to people online that you wouldn't say in their face. The reason that I say this is because most of the people that get bad things said to them online most likely won't say what they said in person.

4. Capitalization is very important when you are making an email. Capitalization is important because without capitalizing the first letter in your email it's really not even a complete sentence.

5. Always include a greeting, punctuation, and spelling. The reason that you should include this is because if you son't include a greeting, you don't know who the email is going to.

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