Industrial Revolution- Emily Zimmerman-5th hour

Struggle. This word means making a great effort to be free of restraint. In the industrial Revolution this word was everywhere. There was two main struggles that impacted people the most and they are low wages, and unsafe workplaces. The first reason is low wages, most people worked in the factories and barely made enough money. Most people didn't make enough to afford a house. If they ever got hurt they wouldn't be able to afford their medicine or even a doctor visit. However though they would work very hard even though they had very little money because if they lost their jobs they would have nothing. My second reason struggle was everywhere in the industrial revolution is that people had unsafe working conditions. Again with working in factories if you put your hand in the wrong place, chop, your hand would be gone. After your hand is gone you would probably lose your job because you could no longer work up to full potential. Whoevers hand fell off would have to struggle through life with no money, no job, no hand, and probably a whole family to feed. Struggle was a word to describe the industrial Revolution because people had unsafe working conditions and low wages. Struggle.

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