The Walk to Selma

There has been a lot of bad things going on here in Selma over the past few months. I've lived here since I was born and I was never afraid like I was that week before the Freedom March. My mama told me Reverend King came to Selma so we could live a better life. But, terrible things happened in Selma and I'm not sure those white people will ever stop spitting at me or let my mamma and daddy vote.

When my mamma and daddy left that Sunday I cried. Me and my sisters had to stay with my Grandmother and we listened on the radio. I cried every night and my Grandmother stopped letting me listen after the second day.

My mama told me not every white person was evil like those men that wear those funny looking things on their heads and kill black people. They call themselves the " KKK " also known as the Ku Klux Klan. My mamma works for Mrs. Jones, and a white lady with big hair, and she ain't mean. She told my mamma to let my daddy march so somebody would always be here to raise us kids. But, my mamma said she wanted to help make Selma a better place for me and my two sisters to live. My mamma told me ever since she heard Reverend King's speech. " I  have a Dream " in 1963, she has the same dream.

I  was having a really hard time thinking about mamma and daddy. I walked outside to get some fresh air and I saw mamma crouched down beside daddy. I was happy to see them but I wanted to know what happened to daddy. I walked over to them and there was a coke bottle beside daddy's head. He was okay but we had to get him inside so he could rest. I called my Grandmother outside and she helped carry daddy inside. My Grandmother and I were very happy that my parents were okay and we were happy that they marched in the Walk to Freedom. When we got inside and we sat daddy on the couch he began to wake up. He saw me and remembered that he got home. He told me the story and I was excited at some parts and scared at other parts. I am very happy that my parents are safe and sound.

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