Joseph H.

Questions (some may be rewritten to sound better):

1. What have you hidden in your bottom drawer? A) I usually hide my Halo Mega Bloks figures in my bottom drawer, to make sure that my younger siblings wouldn't get at them. Trust me, it's a pain trying to clean up/fix them when they get to them.

2.What book did you read and re-read as a kid? A) It's more of a series, but I really loved to read the Animorphs series. In fact, I'm almost done collecting the entire series of books.

3. What are you like when you get angry? A) Well, to put it simply: you don't want to be the reason. It won't be pretty. When I get mad, and someone tries to say something to worsen it, it tends to get a bit ugly. So for a future note: don't get me mad. It'll save your skin.

4. What was the moment when everything in your world changed? A) I had made a Stop-Motion video for a science project instead of just doing a simple poster. After it went up on YouTube, I noticed that someone left a comment on it. Someone called TheSSMotion. Apparently, they were hosting a Stop-Motion competition for the holidays (around winter time, so said holiday will vary). That message had set my decision for making entertaining Stop-Motion videos, and collecting figures for them.

And, last but not least,

5. What were you feeling when that photo was taken? A) At the time of taking the photo, my younger brother (he's 2 years younger than me) was the camera man. At that time, two things were going through my head: 1) Come on, hurry up. My legs are starting to cramp with this pose. 2) I hope it isn't some lopsided photo with poor lighting.

Now, one question remains: Is the assignment 200 words long? Let’s see, I’ve been doing the math, and it seems like it meets the requirement. In fact, it seems to be 150 words over the requirement, adding up to 350 words total. Now how about that?

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