4/30/15 #sjsreports Baltimore Mom Takes Action

Mom and son at protest

     After the death of Freddie Gray, people in Baltimore have been having riots and have been protesting. On Monday, the 27th, the mom was watching tv at her house and noticed that her son was at the protest, throwing rocks at police.  She immediately went down to the protest and asked him why he was taking part of the protest. She then, grabbed her son and took him back home. She also was yelling and screaming at him, telling him that he shouldn't be taking a part. Many families were encouraged by this mom to keep their kids at home and make sure that they were staying out of all the riots and protest going on.

Shapiro, Emily. "Baltimore Riots: Mom Smacks Son for Taking Part in Violence." ABC News. ABC News Network. Web. 29 Apr. 2015. .

The angry mom hits and yells at her son for protesting.

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Protesters in Baltimore throwing rocks
Protesters destroy Police Car.
Protester set car on fire.
Protesters steel from CVS
Baltimore, Maryland
Freddie Gray