1st Period:  Rashawn M, Davontae M, Cortney M, Deanjaye S.

my pride and joy

Kewan is my 6th month old son he is aye blessing in my life he helped me be aye better men and to grow as a young adult

the unlimited love

my mother has so much love for me shes holding me when i was little hits is the lady that made me what i am today

home away from home

Walnut and Homan the place i grew up were i spend most of my time where all of my friends live i love were i grew up and wouldn't trade it for the world

search and destroy

the police officials harasses us on aye daily bases we don't even have to be doing anything illegal for them to harasses  us  almost as if there trying to find us and destroy they make us lay on the hood of there police car were its so hot it almost feels as if your cooking police show no sympathy

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

the place i grew up does have alot of beauty that people never really pay attention to because of the violence but i love this area on the west side east Garfield park