In 2009 there was about 10.8 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.In 2012 there was about 40.7 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.


Over many years there have always been a war between people who don't accept illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants,why we'll there are many reasons.

Many people have wondered and thought why,why,here,why now.What some people don't understand is the reason why. When you grow up you begin to understand its not because they want to be American,it's not because they want to have luxury. Illegal or not,a majority of people want to have an American life they call it the American dream. Not just any dream it could be Mexican-American, Cuban-American, Puerto Rican-American dream etc. If you don't know why well they do want to have a chance to start over fresh and new you might be asking a dumb question and say well "Why did they mess up their life in the first place?" It's not that they messed it up it is about making your life better and some may not know what's the problem.The problem is some families can't even afford a meal every day, the problem is they don't get payed well enough, the problem is they don't have a home. So maybe you should think before starting to criticize people about their roots.

                 FROM THE HEART

The reason I chose this topic because it is something that comes from my heart. My family Is from Durango,Mexico;they come from a ranch that's not really wealthy. Its really hard for me to explain, but I'll try the best I can. Whenever people don't like undocumented immigrants(illegal aliens) they judge them, and every time I see some thing like that it fills my heart with sadness to see how people can be so heartless they don't like to be judged,but they judge other people. To me it seems that to them that we aren't human that were just nobodies;It doesn't matter what they say we all have the same needs  air,water,food,shelter,we cry is that not good enough for them? Yet we're still not "approved." No matter what race or culture you come from to me it doesn't matter because as once Martin Luther King Jr. Said that he had a dream that all people/men would be treated equal,and not worrying about the outside only the inside.So I think to my self where did that dream go I know it's still there,but it's just lost we need to find that dream,and we need to make it reality to make it worth living together all as a United Nation.


Many of you might be asking of a lot of questions right now,so i will go over some information.

Top U.S states where immigrants settle in.

  1. California-25%
  2. Texas-16%
  3. Florida-6%
  4. New York-5%
  5. Illinois-5%

Countries where most of the immigrants come from.

  1. Mexico-59%
  2. Salvador-6%
  3. Guatemala-5%
  4. Honduras-3%
  5. Philippines-3%
  • Mexicans make up about half of all unauthorized immigrants(52%).
  • Unauthorized immigrants make up 5.1% of the U.S labor force.
  • in 2008 there was an estimated 1.6 million undocumented immigrants living in Texas.
  • There is about 11 million illegal immigrants living in the Unites States of America.

             A TRUE LOVE STORY

I will share with you one of my favorite love stories I've ever heard of.

It all started with a woman named Maria and a man named Abraham,they lived in a ranch,on Durango,Mexico.They were madly in love with each other,until one day Abraham told Maria he was going to the United States,he had papers to go,but Maria didn't. So Abraham told Maria he would be back for her,and he would return.

Every single day Maria would always think of him and she would cry.Abraham would always write to her saying how he was,and what was going on,so Maria listened to a song every day and the song described how the woman didn't want the man's letters because she missed him and she wanted him to be with her so she would rather save the pain and just keep on going.

Abraham's dad,Tobias,would tell Maria why she would listen to that song if it hurt her so much and it made her depressed she simply said nothing,but kept on hurting.Maria spent a whole year waiting for Abraham never loosing hope nor faith for a second,because as fairy tales tough us is that every one can find true love and if it was easy we would all have it.

Then one day Abraham stayed true to his word,and came back for Maria.They moved to Houston,TX and Abraham fixed Maria's paper's,and so Maria and Abraham got married,and had four beautiful girls.Truth to tell you I was their third child

My point in this story is how every thing changed,and got better for the good,oh and one more thing Abraham's and Maria's family.They went back to Mexico to see where they came from because no matter where they go they would never forget where they come from,and their roots no matter what generation

Below: Maria's song.

                             THE END!



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