Ronald Reagan

By : Tyson Davis

Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois, on February 6, 1911.  Initially he chose an occupation in entertainment and appeared in more than 50 films!  After Hollywood, Reagan married his second wife Nancy Davis and had two children.  During that time is when he got a job as host of the weekly television drama series the General Electric Theater.  Also during this time is when his political views changed from liberal-democrat to conservative republican.  He started to lead pro-business discussions, he was also speaking out against wasteful spending of the government and excessive government regulation.  Both of those were main ideas for his presidency!

     Ronald Reagan gained office in 1980 as the Republican presidential nomination.  He was denied a chance to run for office two other times, once in 1968 and another time in 1976. He was a supporter of a democratic government but was a representative of the republican party.  Reagan's domestic priorities were all under the "Domestic Policy of the Ronald Reagan Administration."  It's main priorities were to reduce tax rates on income from labor and capital, reduce regulation, control the money supply to reduce inflation, and to reduce government spending.  As a result of this the largest tax cut in American history occurred!  His foreign policies had a slogan of "peace through strength".  With that, it warmed the relations between the US and the Soviet Union which brought the Cold War to an end when Mikhail Gorbachev came to power.  Another part of the foreign policy was financial support was offered to anti-communist groups

      A current event that relates to Ronald Reagan is actually almost the exact same as what happened during his presidency!  During his presidency the Cold War with the Soviet Union was going on, and at this moment we are in another Cold War with the now Russia!  Reagan brought the cold war to an end, let's just hope that our president can bring this one to an end!  

     But ayyyyyy, shoutout to our fortieth president for ending the cold war.  We were about to be blown off the face of the earth and then Reagan saved us from it!  Mostly with his policy of "Peace through strength" but there were a lot of other key factors in it.  He had a lot of help from predecessors, but mostly from John F. Kennedy.  

Ronald Reagan's inaugural family photo.

Ronald Reagan on one of the movie sets

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