Juan Peron
by: Jacqui Gawlowicz

The Life Of Peron

Juan was born on October 8th, 1895 in Lobos, Argentina. In his early life, he lived with his very modest family. He started his military career at the age of sixteen. Peron began training as a military officer, and excelled in skiing, fencing, and boxing. His main assignments were diplomatic. He served as an attaché to Chile and began traveling to Italy to observe the development of Fascist states in the years of 1938 to 1940.

Years later he gained political power.  He was president for three terms for Argentina. In his first presidential term, he and his first wife were very liked amongst his people. Later, he was elected for a second term from the years 1952 to 1955. After this term, the Peronist Party became outlawed and later he was exiled. Once again, he became president in his third term, and made his third wife the Vice president. After his death on July 1st, 1974, his wife, Eva Peron,  succeeded and took his place.

    In this piece of propaganda, it shows his wife, Eva (AKA Evita), and Juan. Eva was the Vice president when he was the president of Argentina. When he passed, she became the president. This shows that she is more powerful to him, as you can see that she is above him. Peron looks mad and/or upset as Eva looks overall happy. They are both on the same side of the propaganda which means they are on the same team, hoping for the same goal. This demonstrates that whoever created this was also for Peron and not against him.

Haiku (peron lives on)

His name's Juan Peron

Young in the military

Gained power and strength.

Fencing and Boxing,

Skiing and excelling, too.

Goes to Italy

To learn fascism.

Then becomes the president

Of Argentina.

Three terms and three wives,

and soon death came his way.

Eva takes his place.

Essential Question

Which one of the Peron duo, Evita or Juan, gained the most legacy within helping their people? What is the major difference between their impacts?