Handy man

Homo Sapiens Sapiens
by: Gavin Smith

Description of Doubly Wise Man

The doubly wise man looked more like us humans today.The skulls they had were high and rounded, the Doubly wise man also had very small teeth and slender bones. Although their bodies were not as well adapted too the cold. Very hairy and looked more like us modern living humans.

Some of the resources that helped the Doubly wise man survive are. One resource they used were needles so they could sew animal skins together. They also built shelters of earth and stone; and they also made spear throwers.

A couple special capability's the Doubly Wise man had were, much larger brains so they could think better. Also They were there first to make the ancient cave paintings; and to make the first spear thrower to make hunting more safe.

This is were the doubly wise man lived

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