Career Research Project

Ryan Tulcus - Veterinarian Technician

Necessary Job Skills
I would be the caretaker of the animals that stay over night. I would teach patients owners how to distribute the drugs the Veterinarian prescribed to their animal(s).

Education Required
Associate's Degree

School Of Choice
Texas A&M

"Don't Let you want get in the way of what you deserve"
This is just a saying I came  across. I don't remember where or when, bur I do remember reading it and how it effected me. I was and still am going through hard times, and more than once this has pushed me through it. This means the things you may want might seem great to have, but if you are being hurt or feeling wrong about trying to get it you shouldn't stress over it. You should go for what you deserve, what you want is a desire not a need.

Jeremy Lin is the person I always looked up to. He is a NBA player that started a couple years ago. He played for Golden State for his rookie year, then the New York Nicks, and now he is with the Houston Rockets. He graduated from Harvard and played on their basketball team. Jeremy is the first Chinese/American to play in the NBA. He wasn't drafted by any team. Jeremy is considered a underdog. The reason I look up to him is because of how he is so determined and focused on succeeding at what he loves. When no one believed in him he kept pushing himself and get where he needed to be. Jeremy takes no credit in his success, he said all of it came from the Lord to get him here. I look up to him because I want to be able to do what he did. I want to go for my dreams even if all odds are going against me. I want to be able to ignore what people say to bring me down and use it as motivation for my goals. He has so much faith in the Lord and I look up to that. He is my inspiration to be better at whatever I do, on and off the court/field.

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