Lucifer's Hall

King Lucifer VIII and the Kingdom of Nova

Mouse Clubhouse by Disney Historian Scott Wolf

King Lucifer VIII comes from a long lineage of royalty whom have ruled the Kingdom of Nova for the last two centuries. Times in the Kingdom of Nova, however, have not always been the brightest. There is a lingering darkness present in the Kingdom that lurks in the midst of day and night. This darkness is powerful; gruesome; vengeful. One by one, the darkness creeps into the King's bedroom and draws out his soul, leaving nothing but a shadow. With each death, the moon loses it's light and the sun loses its powerful force causing the Kingdom of Nova to fall into darkness. Concluding the death of his older brother, Lucifer VIII gained the throne, the scary part being that he was the last male of his lineage. Refusing defeat, King Lucifer made it his mission to overcome the darkness once and fore all. By his side was his Queen, Stella, and their two twin daughters, Luna and Solana. Together, the royal family had enough power to bring a stop to the turmoil. The darkness acts on fear and can sense those that are weak. King Lucifer and his family, however, used their luminous strength to break the curse of their lingering enemy. On the night of the eclipse, Lucifer and his family stood under where the moon met the sun and spoke the magic words:

"The Power of the Sun
And the Forces of the Moon
Become one in our Quest
To open the door to the
Let our light illuminate the
Eternal Night
And leave to corner untouched
So that we may
Vanquish our Enemies
and Free our friends from

the Darkness that hides them. " (Twitches Too Freedom Spell)

In an instant, a beam of light came shooting out of the sky, hitting every spec of darkness that was in its path. Shrieks from the shadows filled the air as the souls of Lucifer's ancestors were released from the darkness. The light from the moon grew stronger than ever, and the beaming of the sun awoke. The Kingdom of Nova was restored.

King Lucifer VIII and the Royal Family Welcome You

Lucifer Hall Virtual Tour
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Let the party begin

All Hail the king

As the guests  arrive at Lucifer's Hall, they are greeted by Queen Stella and daughters Luna and Solana. The Queen's role is very important during these festivities, for she represents the ceremonial figure by greeting and praising the warriors for their honorable work as well as catering to their needs. Queen Stella will also distribute gifts once this part of the evening arrives. Royal daughters Luna and Stella act as the "weavers of peace" during these festivities. In other words, their role is to heal the hatred between peoples and to cement friendships which will later create a stronger community for the Kingdom of Nova.

As the clock strikes one and King Lucifer enters the hall, all stand still while the smooth symphony of trumpets play upon his arrival.

Welcoming ceremony

The fireplace located in the center of Lucifer's Hall is where guests are welcomed. Concluding the arrival of King Lucifer VIII, the royal family will conduct a welcoming ceremony to acknowledge and honor the guests that attended the feast celebration.

the dinner feast

During the dinner feast, the Royal Family and their guests enjoy an assortment of meats and vegetables while they indulge themselves with mead. The dinner feast is the time of the celebration where everyone gets to relax and enjoy their time with others in their Kingdom. Stories are often told during the feast, which may vary from a warrior's adventure to a personal anecdote. King Lucifer VIII and his family are most likely to be seated at a separate table than the rest of his guests.

Calling attention

Once the dinner feast is over, King Lucifer VIII and Queen Stella address their guests with a speech. The King talks about what an honor it is to lead Kingdom Nova and its people. He reassures the guests that he will do whatever it takes to maintain the wealth and beauty of the Kingdom now that the curse of darkness is broken. All King Lucifer asks of his people is that they follow his simple customs. He asks that they boast about their loyalty to their lord and encourage each others support and, in return, King Lucifer VIII will fulfill his duty to the best of his abilities.

The giving of the gifts

As Queen, it is Stella's job to honor the special guest with gifts of achievement. However, for this special celebration of the Restoration of Kingdom Nova, the special guest was not yet another tough warrior, but it was the royal daughters of Nova, Luna and Solana. The King and Queen both spoke on behalf of their daughters, expressing what an honor it was to have them be a part of Kingdom Nova. Everyone knew that without their help, the Kingdom would never had found its light again.

In honor of their achievements, Queen Stella handcrafted three torques. The first was the forces of the moon given to no other than Luna. The next was the power of the sun given to Solana. And the last torque Queen Stella kept for herself as a token of both her prized possessions.  

The Performance of a lifetime

Nicely Turned Out in Music

Concluding the giving of the gifts, Beyoncé blew everyone away with her powerful singing, which was accompanied by the beautiful harp.

From Dusk to dawn

For the remainder of the night, King Lucifer VIII and his guests celebrated their victorious defeat over the darkness and its curse. Upon nightfall, the Royal Family led their company outside where they commenced their first ever Moon Ritual in honor of Kingdom Nova and its renewal. The moon shone brighter than it ever had that night.  After the ritual, the guests returned to the hall where they socialized and danced the night away until there was no energy left in their body. At about two past midnight, the mead benches were cleared from the hall, the Royal Family returned to their quarters, and the people of Nova slept ever so soundly.

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