Amelia Earhart

By: Sydney Saint

The Fisrt Lady To Fly

You can here the propellers turning on the on the plane. The ground shaking ,who is inside ... Of core the first lady to fly, Amelia Earhart flying on her plane.

Early life

Amelia Earhart was born : Kansas July 24th 1897. Amelia was a tom boy shot rodents with her 22 rifle gun and played in the mud with the boys.The proper girls looked at her in disgust:-( She saw her first plane in 1908 and from then on she knew she wanted to fly!

She went to college at Ogontz School Pennsylvania she took a coarse in medicine and medical. she became a nurse's helper 1917 for solders in wold wore one.


She got a plane and she practices on weekends and was a teacher on week days. when she practiced she had to survive many crash ladings and crazy things she tried.

She earned her pilots lisans in 1921.In 1924 she sold her plane and byat a yellow sports car she drove it all the way to her parents house. Sam Chapman wanted to marry Amelia but she said no she did not want to be a home wife she wanted to explore the world . She got her plane and became a school teacher, on week days and flew on weekends.1920 Amelia became the first lady to fly across the Atlantic ocean. She also was the first lady:1921 First lady to aboard a passenger transatlantic flight, 1932 first lady to solo Hawaii-mainlands USA transatlantic flight , 1937 sail around the world. she never retard and she diapered never to return.

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